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Rick Brix

January 23rd, 2016


We’re in this boat together, until death do we part

We travel this sea of life with strong and heavy heart

Through calm stillness and tempest we navigate the waters

We search for peaceful shores as we travel ever farther


The storms rage and we are cast against the rocks,

We curse the Sea and Sky and long to reach the docks,

We may never reach the shore, we may never see land

Deep underneath the Ocean lies the bottom sand


Perhaps the Sea holds the answers to the questions in our heart

From these waters we’ll discover what we’ve known from the start


Life boat cast upon the shore with no survivors found,

No bodies were discovered, all presumably drown


We came from the sea and to the sea we shall return

Eternity is the name of that Sea for which our hearts do yearn





Rick John Brix

January 25-27, 2016


Happiness is seeing your child be born

Happiness is watching a sun rise on a warm summer morn


Happiness is looking up at night at the stars above

Happiness is having someone to love


Happiness is the smell of Grandma’s homemade cookies baking

Happiness is the smell of leaves in the Fall while raking


Happiness is the spark in a child’s eye on that first snowfall

Happiness is taking your first step however large or small


Happiness is a beautiful sunny day on the beach

Happiness can sometimes seem just out of reach


Happiness is that feeling inside when you know

That all will be well even when it’s your time to go


Happiness is what makes life worth living

Happiness is ours for the making and the giving




By Rick John Brix

Written between January 17, 2016 and January 23, 2016


He said “I’ve never died before. I’m scared.”

I said “I know. Me too.” Then we just stared.

I could see in his eyes, he wasn’t ready to die.

Who’s ready to die? But I didn’t ask why.


We had been through so much

We had felt so strong.

Sometimes our lives seem too short,

At other times too long.


Cast about on a turbulent sea.

We come face to face with Eternity.

We may never realize the full extent of it all

As we struggle to find meaning in our rise and fall.


Life is here! Life is now!

Death is here! Death is now!

Here we are, but only for a moment.


We may ask why. But that’s not the point.

This is the point:


We are stars. We are here for a brief moment.

And in that moment we light the darkness.




Bearded Old Man

Rick J Brix

January 28, 2016


I used to have a companion who always walked with me wherever I went
He was my true friend and more, for he was always there for me even when I was spent

He was a bearded old man who came from the mountains up in the clouds,
He was kind, caring, wise, and strong, and was with me even when no one else was around

Through the most frightening storms and the most peaceful days,
He travelled beside me and guided me along the way

He told me not to worry there's nothing to fear, wherever you are I will be here

He promised me that he would never leave my side, that he would be there for me even after I died

I needed him, he was all I had, without him I feared, I'd be lost and sad

Then one day he died, I'm not quite sure how or why
He was gone, so I buried him with tears in my eyes

Then I travelled on through this life alone, wondering if I'd ever find home

I have a family now, kids and a wife, and I love them dearly, they are my life

But I still miss that old man




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