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B & B

Brix and Bartos

This is a sample of the B & B Version 1 Video. The full 1 hour video is available for purchase for $25. If you want to purchase this video, please e-mail:  If you have already purchased the video, click here!

Hello! We are B & B: Brix and Bartos, Rick and Joel.  Rick plays guitar, harmonica and sings.  Joel plays trumpet and sings.  We play traditional music like You Are My Sunshine, This Land is Your Land, Country Roads, 50’s and 60’s rock and country, as well as Christmas music.  Joel can play classical trumpet as well.  We are like a variety act with props, jokes and vintage commercials, etc.  We are experienced musicians and have been performing as a duo for over two years and have done over 250 performances together. Joel is a trained musician who has performed at the Ordway Center for the Perfoming Arts and Rick is a career musician who has over 2,000 live performances and 17 years of professional experience.

To book a show with B & B Call: 320-420-0704

Or Email: 


Here are some testimonials from audiences where B & B has performed:

"They were great.  So much fun!"

"They are really fun!  “You guys are fun.”

"They make you feel good, and we need more of that."

“It is nice you play the music we know.”

“We wish B & B could play here every day.”

“You are always good.”

“You are very talented.”

“You have a lot of energy.”

“That was some of the best music I have heard in a long time.”

“This was a delightful treat.”

“That was good, fun and well done!”

“You were wonderful!”

“That was as great as it could be!”

“You are the best we have ever had!”  (received 4 times in one year)

“Were you guys on the radio?”

“You two are the most talented musicians we have ever had here.” 

“That was as good as John Denver.”

“Now I am all hyped up and probably won’t be able to get to sleep!” 

 “It is not too often you get to hear a really good trumpet player.”

 “That was some good trumpet playing.”

After Joel sang Can’t Help Falling In Love:  “That was beautiful.”

And from many activities coordinators (the gals and guys who hire us):  “The residents just loved you,” and, “We want you back.”

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