This is my guitar lesson page. Here I post lesson notes and videos for my guitar lesson students. If you are not one of my students and are interested in taking lessons please call me at (320) 420-0704. At-Your-Home guitar lessons and Skype Lessons available.

Benefits of Learning Guitar

The benefits of learning and playing guitar are many. It has given me a life-long source of enjoyment and relaxation. The guitar can be a life-long friend. In hard times and happy times, my guitar has been there for me. Learning an instrument can be challenging, but like many things in life, if you work hard, commit yourself, and stick to it, it is worth it. It provides a sense of accomplishment, as well as a constant source for self-improvement. It builds character. It teaches you the value of committment, patience, hard work, diligence, and creativity. The rewards are more numerous than I can put in words. Here is a link to an article in Men's Health entitled "Ten Scientific Reasons You Should Play Guitar". You do what want to do, but as for me I am going to play guitar.

II you would like to take lessons, I give at-your-home, in-studio (at my home in st cloud) and Skype lessons. Lessons are a half-hour once a week.  Lessons are $25 at my home in St Cloud. At-Your-Home Lessons are $40/ half hour.

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