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Philosophy of Rick Brix

Always strive to make the world a better place.


Always be true to yourself and never stop searching to understand what that means.


Make the most of this life. It may be the only life you have. 


Follow your heart until you die, for your heart will always follow you.

Feed your love. Starve your hate. This is how you make life great.

In the vastness of space and time, we are quite insignificant. Yet, to ourselves we are everything!

Our existence lasts for but the blink of an eye, yet it cannot be erased for all eternity.


We are barely a speck in the universe, and our lives last not even a drop in the bucket of eternity. But we are the universe itself come alive.

Always strive to improve yourself and be a positive example to others.


What most people think of death is really the death of the psyche. Every atom in our body continues after our death. When our bodies die, our organs no longer function, consciousness ceases, thought, perception and memory are gone, but the material in our body is recycled by the Earth. The material in our bodies becomes the engine for new life. When we talk or think about our death, what we really mean is the death of our psyche.


Things come and go in this world, including you and I and everything that has ever lived. 


There is no such thing as destiny. There is circumstance and what we make of it. That determines our lives.


Live each moment as if it is eternal; because it is!


Life is a journey into, through, and out of existence, which leaves an indelible mark on eternity.

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