One-Man Band
Rock, Blues, and Country
Covers and Originals

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Live each moment as if it is eternal. Because it is! 

Life is a journey into, through, and out of existence which leaves an indelible mark on eternity.     

                                                                                          - Rick Brix


Hello! I am a career musician and have been performing across Minnesota for over 17 years. I perform at weddings, anniversary parties, retirement parties, birthdays, house parties, office parties, bars, night clubs, coffee shops, pizza pubs and parlors, restaurants, co-ops,  fairs and festivals, and assisted living places. Live music for any occasion!

Upcoming Gigs:


September 18, Friday, 6pm-9pm: Garphish Brewery (Bethel)

October 2, Friday, 8pm-Midnight: 12-Mile Tavern (Swanville)

October 9, Friday, 6pm-9pm: Neighbor's Route 75 Bar and Grill (St Joseph)

October 10, Saturday, 6pm-10pm: Westyfest

October 23, Friday, 8pm-MidnightJust Down the Road Bar and Grill (Regal, MN)

October 31, Saturday, 6pm-9pm: Blommel Halloween Party

November 13, Friday, 8pm-Midnight12-Mile Tavern (Swanville)

November 14, Saturday, 4pm-7pmTrap Rock Brewery with the BAND (St Croix Falls, WI)

December 4, Friday, 8pm-Midnight12-Mile Tavern (Swanville)

For Bookings and Info Call: (320) 420-0704

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